Drug Offences

In Canada there are many criminal laws involving drugs making it an offence to possess, sell, grow or manufacture a number of controlled drugs and substances.  The punishment for a conviction of some drug offences can be quite severe given that there are minimum terms of imprisonment for some offences such as trafficking drugs and growing marijuana ( grow ops ).

In today’s environment where the Federal Government is orchestrating a crack down on drug possession, manufacturing, and trafficking, numerous people are facing serious charges which could find them serving time in prison if they are convicted.  It is extremely important if you are charged with a drug offence to retain the services of an experienced criminal lawyer who knows how to defend against these charges.

The consequences of a conviction for drug offences in Canada range from spending time in a Federal Penitentiary for more serious offences such as trafficking, manufacturing and operating grow ops, to fines for simple possession of small quantities of some drugs.  The unfortunate reality is that if you are convicted of a drug offence in Canada, even simple possession, you end up with a criminal record which may affect your ability to pursue employment or a career.  A conviction for a drug offence in Canada will almost always cause problems if you want to travel to the United States.  The United States Customs Service will bar entry to any Canadians who have a conviction for drug offences.

If you are being investigated for any drug offence or if you are charged with a drug offence you should contact Thomas J. Singleton immediately at (902) 492-7000 or (902) 483-3080 (after hours).  You should never agree to an interview with the police in regard to the investigation of any drug offence unless you have first spoken to a lawyer and are fully aware of your legal rights.  You should be aware that any information you provide the police will help them strengthen their case against you and make your defence at a trial much more difficult.