Thomas Singleton LL.B., B.C.L., LL.M. - Bilingual Criminal Defence Lawyer

Thomas J. Singleton is a highly experienced bilingual criminal defence lawyer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, whose criminal law practice covers all of Atlantic Canada.  Mr. Singleton is well known throughout Atlantic Canada for the quality of the Charter of Rights arguments he has advanced on behalf of individuals charged with some of the most serious offences in Canadian Criminal Law.



Sheena O’Rielly  B.A., J.D. – Criminal Defence Lawyer

Sheena’s criminal defence practice covers a variety of issues including motor vehicle offences, impaired driving and refusal offenses, assault and weapons offences and drug offences. Sheena is fully bilingual having completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in French prior to attending law school.


Leora Lawson B.A., J.D. – Criminal Defence Lawyer

Leora Lawson is an experienced trial lawyer and a native of Nova Scotia. She has represented clients charged with offences under the Criminal Code of Canada, Controlled Drug and Substances Act and Motor Vehicle Act.  Leora has the experience to help you navigate and advise you through the criminal justice system.